Carpet Water Damage Restoration Repair and Cleaner

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

A leaking roof, burst pipes or an unexpected washing machine failure that has flooded your floor and wet all your carpet is no easy fix. If your carpet has got wet for whatever reasons and you are looking at a substantial amount of water, you need to act quickly. Upholstery and carpet that has been left wet for a while become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can cause illnesses and breathing problems.

Not to mention the damage left by sitting water that has spoiled your furniture and carpet.

There are a few steps to fix the problem yourself, but if you’re looking at the wall to wall wet carpet, it is best to call in the professionals who are qualified and have the right equipment for the job. They will also access your carpet and look for damage, so you know where you stand. Try these few tips first to see if you can fix the problem before calling in the experts.

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Firstly, grab as many towels and cloths as you can and spread them over the areas that are wet. It will help to soak up the water by walking over the carpet several times until you feel no more water is being soaked up. You may need to replace these towels with dry ones several times.Start in a corner and pull the carpet back to check the carpet underneath is not soaking wet. If there is no water underneath the carpet that is good, you can simply vacuum the carpet now to try and pull up and remaining amount of water.

Be sure not to do this with a normal household vacuum you will need a vacuum that is made for soaking up water. You will cause damage to your vacuum and risk electrical shock if you try to use a regular vacuum to soak up water. There may still be water that is soaked in the carpet back and gone into the flooring if this appears to have happened call in the professionals.Also helpful are a few plug-in heaters put them on low setting even a hair dryer, or plug-in fan can help to evaporate the moisture. A dehumidifier will work well if you have one this will help to encourage water evaporation.Keep these devices pointed on the carpet until the moisture starts drying up.

Be sure not to hold heaters, hair dryer too close to the carpet to avoid burning or singe.As you move around the floor getting all the wet spots lift any furniture and move it off the carpet, so you can be sure to get all the carpet dry underneath it and ensure there is no water damage to the underlay. If the water was clean, a good steam clean and airing out should restore your water damaged carpet if you act as soon as it happens.

If the water is dirty, it should be replaced due to bacteria, smells and the unhealthy origins of the dirty water.